lauantai 22. marraskuuta 2014

William Blake ilmestyi kankaalleni

Kun tein sekatekniikalla ( nuotion noella ja marjoilla kankaalle ) niin William Blake ilmestyi/syntyi/kehittyi kankaalleni. Vahingossa, peilikuvana, peilikuvaa käyttäen. Kohti karhunpalvontaa!

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Mixed Art: using coal from bonfire with northern berries (blue/red) made William Blake borns / appears / develop into my canvas. By accident, with mirror, using mirror sight. My eyes noticed something from William Blake, Red Dragon movie/book, Saturnus eating his own son, how time fades away, brutally, Art Jugend, Art Nouveau. All of that in some I almost blindly did using bits of coal and brushing against canvas, or just put coal inside canvas, and made like witches bag / rug, and saw what came out. Rorschach test, Watchmen... And suddenly there was a sacred bear of Sami people and Finns! In coal drawing art they use Charcoal which have to shop from Art Boutique. Mine was totally free ;) Only problems are that work looks too old, like William Blake´s time... For me Mixed Arts and Multimedia is not only chaotic pictures quickly disappearing with awful sound, but includes poetry, mytholgy - by the way, why the old original religions are called "mythology"...  and history, as well. All the layers of culture, and open mind, and dreams,  subconscious, sur-real, all creativity. Join us ;)

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